The Gurusharan Education Trust has found its name from the founder of this trust ie. Shri Manohar Prasad Sinha who always wanted to carry the legacy of his late father and do some educational development for the region and then developing it to the needy ones all over this country. Late Gurusharan Lal father of the trustator happens to be the motivation and cause for all the Gurusharans and thatís why the name Gurusharan Education Trust. The foundation of the organization was laid in the early 40s when Late Gurusharan Lal topped the board examination in Chhotanagpur and was awarded a gold medal by the then Chainpur Maharaja. He had a special skill in all the subject and he mastered whatever he learnt in his lifetime. Not only was he a good student but also a good teacher and above all a very good father which is very eminent with the results produced by his followers. He was neat and skilled in English as a language and he was always praised by his departmental seniors in Education Department in Bihar. He also appeared and cleared the ICS examination through the departmental channel but could not join it because of family problems prevailing then. Nonetheless he promoted education by providing quality education to whosoever approached him without any wanting and with complete devotion. All his students have excelled in the field they entered. He had also served as officiating principal in Hariharganj School in Palmau. He retired form the education department as a section officer. During his lifetime he was actively involved with educational development and helped the studentsí right from infanthood to post graduation level. He also donated his efforts to other different places like Ayodhya to the kids who were used for religious reasons and were not given enough attention after their adolescence. He was an active and selfless participant and his efforts were recognized & respected by everybody who came in his contact directly or indirectly. With the learningís and root thoughts the Gurusharan Education Trust was thought to be introduced as an NGO, hence the efforts will be directed and recognized efforts will be put in for the promotion of education in the complete nation and to have a start from where the Gurusharans belonged ie Jharkhand. There is a smell of family hood in the name and a bonding, aim and reason to grow this organization for the cause it has dedicated itself for. The organization was raised on the 6th of January 2009. After formalizing all the objectives and duties the trust got itself registered as a Public Charitable Trust with the Jharkhand state in Ranchi on 06 Feb 2009